I am an enthusiastic Front End Web Developer with 3 years of commercial experience and a deep seated interest in Technology and Creative Design. The more I learn about and practise development, the more my fascination, along with the realisation of the endless possibilities, grows.

I’m a huge fan of sleek, elegant design and architecture. I am a keen photographer and take my SLR camera and drone with me whenever I travel. Meeting and getting to know people, and getting to understand what makes them tick is one of my favourite things in life.


Here are the some of the applications I have built so far.
Please feel free to give them a try.

JavaScript Logic Game Project:
Flop Trumps

WDI Project 1
For my first GA project I was tasked with building a simple logic game using JavaScript, jQuery, CSS and HTML. I created a footballer top-trumps game, pitting a single player against the CPU, which I programmed to automatically select the highest available attribute on the randomly selected card. Over the course of building this app I learnt a lot about control flow in Javascript, as well as the aesthetics of a single page app.

Google Maps API Project:
Six Feet Underground

WDI Project 2
The second project involved using the Google Maps API to plot points of interest onto a map, either by using a second API as a data source or scraping data from a website. I chose to plot the locations of all disused London Underground Stations, and I scraped data from multiple Wikipedia pages, which enabled me to populate the database automatically, rather than (painstakingly) doing it manually.

Group Project:

The third project required us to work in teams of four as chosen by our instructors. After a lot of brain- storming we came up with the idea of building a fully- functional message board - like Twitter for instance. The difference would be that instead of inputting text, users would post (and reply to) short recorded audio messages. We were very pleased with the idea we came up with, and have every intention of upgrading and enhancing the app further in the near future.

Final Project:

For my fourth and final GA project I made an app that enables users to swap tickets to football matches according to their seating needs for that particular game. For example if someone wanted to take their young child to a game for the first time, they could swap with a member whose seat is in the family encolsure, thereby avoiding exposure to some of the more 'colourful' language heard elsewhere. The app requires that users are authenticated before they can access any information from the database.

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